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I grew up in San Antonio but moved to Cibolo in 2013. I have wanted to be a vet ever since I can remember because I loved animals and wanted to help them. As I’ve gotten older and a little wiser, I realize it’s not just a love for animals that makes me continue to want to be a vet. Being a vet is like solving a mystery from the clues the animal gives you in their behavior. It is so rewarding for me to form a team with the client and solve the mystery! I am honored to be able to voice “what hurts” for the animal. I also love that there are options in veterinary medicine. Coming up with a treatment plan that fits the animal’s needs and the owner’s budget makes each day as a veterinarian unique.

Through my education, I’ve also become wiser about the fact that not just the sick and hurting come to me. It’s my duty to share my knowledge with clients about how to prevent illness and disease in not only their pets but also themselves. When I was in high school, I began working for a vet and loved it! I attended Texas A&M…Gig ‘em Aggies… and completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science & fell in love my husband, who is now also a veterinarian, Chris Knowlton.

Chris and I were married 3 months before attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. (St. Kitts was one of the top 10 places to see in 2011 so let me know if you are planning a trip & I can suggest some island hot spots!)

For our clinical year of vet school, we attended Oklahoma State Veterinary School. While I was on the surgery rotation, a lady brought in a Blue Heeler because the dog was a stray and had been limping outside her work for a couple of weeks. Georgia’s elbow was broken so the surgeons at OSU decided to amputate and put her into the shelter program. Of course I couldn’t let that happen after taking care of her in ICU and watching her hop around in a “cone of shame”… and now we have a tripod!

Although we had some great adventures during our travels, we are so glad to be home in Texas! Since being back in Texas, we have lost a furry friend and added another to our little family. Just a few weeks after losing Chip, a little red head named Rocko was being dropped off by the shelter for a neuter. Little Rocko had a family excited to bring him home but as Michelle held him for me so I could perform a pre-op exam, I began to tear up thinking about how he reminded me of Chip and of course I hear a heart murmur. I recommend an echocardiogram to see what was causing the murmur and I don’t blame them, but his new family couldn’t afford the advanced diagnostics with the no promises that he would survive past a year old if left untreated. It would be their first dog and with two little girls, they couldn’t commit and I couldn’t put him to sleep. Michelle and I agreed to be his foster mommies while we recycled aluminum cans and created a PetCaring account for him. His echocardiogram revealed a PDA (vessel that was supposed to close at birth) which was corrected with surgery at Texas A&M. It took a team…Dr. Bermes (SonoVet) who performed his echocardiogram, Dr. Saunders  & Dr. Doocy (Cardiologists at A&M), and Michelle (dedicated vet tech) who said “He’ll die happy at my house before we put him to sleep!” and many of you who donated funds to get him the surgery he needed! Since the surgery was performed a little later in life, his heart is slightly enlarged and he still has a low grade murmur. The plan was to adopt him out after surgery, but he’ll need follow up care and likely life-long medication at some point so basically the little red headed Rocko became a Knowlton and takes after his dad’s ginger beard!

When you visit us at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital, you’ll also see that I love antiquing, Pinterest, and just about any creative project anyone needs help with! For my mom’s birthday a few years ago, she wanted to learn how to make cakes so we took a class together and now we like to bake cookies, cakes, cupcakes and spend time together. I am excited about being able to share my education and experiences with you! Now that you’ve read about me, I would love to meet your furry family member & hear your story!

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