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Welcome to Cibolo Small Animal Hospital
Your Veterinarian in Cibolo TX
Call us at (210) 651-1384

Pet Emergency? Call us right away at (210) 651-1384!

Don’t let our name fool you! We were born in the barn of Retama Equine Hospital and since horses are considered “large” animals, we became the “small” animal division. We outgrew our space in the barn and have moved to 3929 Cibolo Valley Drive Suite 200 and would be happy to help with your cat or dog of any size! We are capable of handling your furry friend’s needs from wellness visits to emergencies. We have in hospital blood work, digital radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound capabilities and are happy to help!

Cibolo Small Animal Hospital is committed to improving the quality of life in your furry family members. We strive to spend quality time with our clients and patients while offering friendly and professional services that are affordable and close to home.

Save time and expense by ordering your pet prescriptions, diets and supplies online.

Now you can order your pet medication and diets directly through Cibolo Small Animal Hospital, via our partnership with and Butler Schein Animal Health Supply.


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Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Jennifer Wright
    Veterinary Technicians

    Jennifer Wright is one of our Veterinary Technicians. She is currently attending Texas State University and is majoring in Biology. She joined our practice in February of 2015, and her veterinary career is followed by almost 5 years of experience. Her key roles include patient follow-up care, client education, surgery assistance, pharmaceuticals, along with her general technician duties.

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  • Dr.
    Brooke Knowlton

    I grew up in San Antonio but moved to Cibolo in 2013. I have wanted to be a vet ever since I can remember because I loved animals and wanted to help them. As I’ve gotten older and a little wiser, I realize it’s not just a love for animals that makes me continue to want to be a vet. Being a vet is like solving a mystery from the clues the animal gives you in their behavior. It is so rewarding for me to form a team with the client and solve the mystery! I am honored to be able to voice “what hurts” for the animal. I also love that there are options in veterinary medicine. Coming up with a treatment plan that fits the animal’s needs and the owner’s budget makes each day as a veterinarian unique.

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  • Dr.
    Kellie A. Cochran

    Dr. Kellie A. Cochran graduated from Texas A&M University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Veterinary Science. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.

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  • Melissa Kasper
    Veterinary Technicians

    I have always had a passion for animals. I started as a kennel technician when I was still in high school and started as a veterinary technician in 2009 at a spay and neuter clinic. I obtained my Associates in Business Management and now I am currently taking classes at Penn Foster to obtain my veterinary technician degree. Something I have always wanted to do is open up a rescue for dogs and exotic animals.

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  • Tyler Wielgosiek
    Veterinary Technicians

    Tyler is a military brat, born in Texas but has lived in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Okinawa Japan and then moved back to Texas and joined our team in 2016. She graduated from Kadena High School and has her associates degree in Liberal Arts and Biology/Pre-Nursing.

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  • Chandler Treon
    Veterinary Technicians

    Chandler is currently a senior at Steele High School and is due to graduate in the class of 2016. After highschool, Chandler will be attending Texas State University to major in either Biology or Biochemistry. He hopes to be accepted into the Vet school at Texas A&M to become a veterinarian himself! Before working with us, Chandler was a groomer’s assistant/manager at Rubber Doggies.

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  • Christa Moreland
    Veterinary Technicians

    Christa joined the Cibolo Small Animal team in September 2016. In 2003 Christa obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. However, before graduating she had started working at an animal hospital and quickly realized she loved many of the aspects of working in the veterinary field.

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  • Michelle Darnell
    Veterinary Technicians

    Michelle grew up in Dallas. She attended Texas State University graduating with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies. After graduation, she taught 6th grade science and social studies for SCUCISD at Dobie and Wilder Intermediate schools. In 2000, she put her classroom teaching aside to raise 3 boys.

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  • Kristi Williams

    Kristi grew up in Southern New Hampshire and moved to Texas 2016. Being a huge Disney fan, it was only natural to get married to her husband in September 2014 on Walt Disney World property! She is a proud mom of 3 fur babies that were all adopted.

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  • Darla Paisley
    Office Manager

    Darla Paisley is our Office Manager coming to us from the People side of Health Care. She is excited to move into the animal world where she can help animals and people. She has been in the area since 2003 when she moved here with her Air Force husband (now retired) and her 3 children. All three children graduated from Bryon P. Steele High School ( SK All Day!). She and her husband are originally from Ohio, thus they are die-hard Buckeyes fans. During Football season, Darla and her husband can be found watching College Football cheering for their Ohio State Buckeyes and following the guys from Steele that have gone on to play college ball.

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  • Jean Martin
    Practice Manager

    Aggie class of ’83, Jean has 28 years of practice management experience. Cibolo Small Animal Hospital is the 4th Practice that she and her husband, Dr. Mike Martin, have owned and operated. She enjoys running in her spare time and we are lucky to have her on our team!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Quick , informative, and not overpriced. Thanks!"
    Crys A.
  • "Bruno s (Choc Lab) symptoms have subsided with the ear treatment you provided. Also, the large lipoid you aspirated is no longer bulging (but still palpable). Thank you for the immediate and accurate care...good to have you in the neighborhood"
    Timo K.
  • "Staff was friendly and professional. Pleasant experience"
    Wayn M.
  • "When I come up for refills not only do they have it ready, they also will cut the pills in half for me."
    Jami M.
  • "Everyone was very friendly and compassionate. My little guy is doing much better.. Thank you"
    Leah C.
  • "I wish we would have found you earlier!!"
    Ben L.
  • "I love the staff and how much they care about my pups. They are such great people!! I wouldn t trust anyone else with my pups."
  • "Brooke Knowlton Greatest Vet ever!"
    John P.
  • "The hospital has a very calm atmosphere."
    Kath F.
  • "The service is good during every visit to the Cibolo Small Animal Hospital."
    Jaso L.
  • "The doctor was very generous to fit us in and although the staff stayed late for our last minute appointment, they never made us feel rushed. Thank you!!"
    Mitch N.
  • "Grateful to have access to such a genuine vet. The price I paid was the cheapest in town and I was updated throughout the day."
    Mega F.
  • "I was extremely pleased with all the staff! I am so happy I decided to make the change To this hospital for my dog!"
    Ohm C.
  • "As a customer I like to know the quality of care I m getting is high and that we (fur babies) are treated well, you have it right. I can spend my money and get care anywhere, but you have a great practice. The staff is great and they seem to remember us every visit. I really like that your a neighborhood veterinarian and enjoy scanning the letters/pictures from the local school children. Your work in the local community and with the schools is greatly appreciated. Your an asset to this community and a role model for kids. Thank you for what you do."
    Jon V.
  • "I love this vet. I can call and ask any questions and always receive help."
    Clif C.
    Ursu V.
  • "Friendliest staff and Drs we have ever experienced."
    Nanc K.
  • "I had a great experience with all the staff. Dr. Knowlton is very personable, caring, and spent time with us. The appointment was very fast, even though it was a busy Monday morning for them. I would recommend y all to anyone."

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