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Chris & Brooke Knowlton

We both grew up in San Antonio and moved to Cibolo in 2013. By Dr. Brooke Knowlton 'I have wanted to be a vet ever since I can remember because I loved animals and wanted to help the

As I’ve gotten older and a little wiser, I realize it’s not just a love for animals that makes me continue to want to be a vet. It my love for people as well. Being a vet is like solving a mystery from the clues the animal gives you in their behavior. It is so rewarding for me to form a team with the client and solve the mystery so I can help their baby live the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible! I am honored to be able to voice “what hurts” for the furry children. I also love that there are options in veterinary medicine. Coming up with a treatment plan that fits the animal’s needs and the owner’s budget makes each day as a veterinarian unique.
Through my education, I’ve also become wiser about the fact that not just the sick and hurting come to me. It’s my duty to share my knowledge with clients about how to prevent illness and disease in not only their pets but also themselves. When I was in high school, I began working for a vet and loved it! I attended Texas A&M…Gig ‘em Aggies… and completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science & fell in love my husband, who is now also a veterinarian, Chris Knowlton. We attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts and then Oklahoma State for our clinical year. '

Upon gradution, the Mr. Dr. Knowlton went to work for Banfield and in 2019 made a career move to veterinary mobile ultrasonography with SonoVet during the week and now works with the Mrs. on Saturdays to decrease wait times and help as many furry family members as possible when their families are off from work. 

Upon graduation, the Mrs. Dr. Knowlton joined Retama Equine Hospital and was seeing the small animals in the barn for 2 years before outgrowing her space and renovating a pizza shop into a vet hospital now known as Cibolo Small Animal Hospital. (That's where we get or 'small' that confuses everyone since she was the 'small animal division' at Retama Equine!) 

We have two fur babies, Rocko & Georgia! Georgia is a tripod blue heeler we took on our clinical year of vet school since she showed up without an owner and we fell in love with her personality and the cone of shame not only did it's job by keeping her from tearing up her incision, but also tugging at our heart strings! She now accompanies me to Science Day, Career Day, & Red Rover presentations and hams it up with her tricks. She is the star of the show and I'm just her chauffeur ;) 

Then there's little Rocko Paco Taco...who was dropped off by animal care services one day with a heart murmur. He was not adoptable since he required extra testing and funds were not available and he was to be put to sleep. It's a good thing my hubby is a vet ;) I took him home and told Knowlton he will die happy at our house if we can't fix him! I don't even want to tell you how much we spent on echocardiograms, a week's stay at A&M, and heart surgery but the point is he's perfect now and won the lottery ;) 


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